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Designed by XIONGMIAO

In 2014, XIONGMIAO founded the art studio "BEIZHAI", and at the end of 2018, she began to create her own series of "SKULLPANDA", and established the art toy studio " LAZYNORTH". SKULLPANDA’s works are filled with recognizable personal charisma.

Designed by KENNY WONG

Kenny Wong is the founder of KENNYSWORK, an artist from Hong Kong, China and the designer of the well-known art toy character Molly. In 2006, Kenny created Molly, a sweet little girl with big eyes and a pouty mouth, who is persistent, confident and fun.
With such a lovely personality, along with various designs and outfits, she has won the hearts of numerous fans around the world.


Designed by KASING LUNG

Hong Kong-born artist, Kasing, started to collaborate with How2work to publish Chinese illustration story books and collectable figure series in 2011. In 2015, he created “the Monsters” series’ story and launched the Vinyl figure series of “The Monsters” by How2work.

Designed by AYAN DENG

A young artist, illustrator, and toy designer of a new generation in China. Signed artist of POP MART. Founder of YANSTUDIO brand. Art creator and creator of DIMOO WORLD series.
After spending two years in creating the stories and characters of the Dimoo World Series, Ayan found a way to use her creations to express and convey her feelings. The Dimoo World series is filled with the beauty of fantasy, and the story is about the journey of a little boy named Dimoo.

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Designed by YOYO YEUNG

Yoyo Yeung, a new generation artist specializing in illustration and sculpture, graduated from Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London, majoring in illustration. Yoyo has a talent for drawing since she was a child, and has a personality that is faithful to her true nature.

Satyr Rory

Designed by SEULGIE LEE

Seulgie entered the American art toy circle in 2016, she specializes in creating simple and cute creatures. Satyr Rory, based on the half-sheep, half-human god "Satyr" in Greek mythology, was one of Seulgie's subversive creations in 2016.

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Designed by PUCKY

PUCKY’s name is derived from Shakespeare's elf character 'Puck' from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' representing a combination of the real and dream worlds. Pucky's creation is like a colourful dream world, endowed with darkness and spirituality. Most of her themes originate from exploring the world of nature.



In 2005, Hiroto Ohkubo established INSTINCTOY, an original art toy brand. In 2008, INSTINCTOY became a manufacturer of original toys and began to manufacture and sell original products of its own brand, and also began to collaborate with many designers.



Designed by COOLRAIN & LABO

COOLABO (Coolrain & LABO: COOLABO) is an art toy brand created by toy artist Coolrain and creative director LABO, initially starting with the name of CoolrainLABO in Korean art toy industry. In order to collaborate with more emerging artists, the brand name was officially changed to COOLABO in 2021.

Lobster Land

Designed by Philip Colbert

Philip Colbert is a British contemporary artist based in London. Colbert works across the mediums of painting, sculpture, clothing, furniture & design, and has created a global following for his cartoon lobster persona and his masterful hyper pop history paintings.

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