Mogic team consists of multinational young people who love art toys and blind boxes. We aim to bring pop culture and blind box magic from Asia to the UK. Unboxing blind boxes is an easy way to gain a sense of fulfilment without much time and many costs. You will never know what you will get until you open the box. Sounds like life, huh? Everyone in every age deserves simple happiness.

That's the reason why Mogic is here for you.



Mogic is the official UK partner of Pop Mart, which was founded in 2010 and hosted the most extensive international art toy fair in Asia. Pop Mart works with worldwide artists and designers and establishes collaborations with nearly 100 IPs. Until now, Pop Mart owns 200+stores and 1000+ roboshops in 22 countries and regions.



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Molly                                                      By Kenny Wong

Molly figurine, by Kenny Wong, was originally inspired by a young child. She has emerald eyes, a pouting mouth, and a cute temperament. The first time Kenny met Molly, she was with a beret hat, an artist apron, a colour palette, and brush in her hands. That's how the little figurine artist was born. She is stubborn, adorable, smart, proud, and fun. With such a lovely personality, along with various designs and outfits, she has won the hearts of numerous fans that have made Molly one of the most famous pop culture toys.

The Monsters                                        By Kasing Lung

Kasing Lung is the first Chinese winner of the Illustration Award in Belgium. In 2010, he transitioned from a professional illustrator to a toy designer. Partnering with How2work, a renowned toy brand in Hong Kong, China, they released an art toy series. Now Mr Lung brings fantasy characters of his drawings into the 3D world, such as The Monsters series with characters like Labubu and Tycoco; he has truly impressed consumers.

Pucky                                                               By Pucky

Pucky" is the brand of the figurines made by Pucky, the artist. Named after Puck: the sprite in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream", which is based on the ancient figure of Puck found in English mythology. It represents the convergence of fantasy and the real world. Pucky creations are based mostly on the exploration of nature and the spiritual world, like a colourful dream with sensitivity and a dark side. Through artistic creation, Pucky hopes to discover more about this lonely yet warm world.

Dimoo                                                                 By Ayan

The DIMOO WORLD series is filled with the beauty of fantasy. The story is about the journey of a little boy named Dimoo. In the real world, he is lost.

SATYR RORY                                           By Seulgie Lee


Korean artist Seulgie Lee created an adorable character based on a Greek mythical Satyr. Satyr Rory has hair like cotton candy, star-lit eyes, and lovely pastel colours. All in sharp contrast to the original Satyr. Most of her works are simple yet delicate and beautiful.